Learn to Code

In a earlier post, I mentioned that I wanted to code an app. I'm still on the coding journey, but have put iOS on hold


Maple Syrup awesomeness

If you love maple syrup... I recently visited Québec City for the first time and was extremely impressed with it! Fabulous food, an ice hotel,

The Met

Met Museum membership

If you plan to visit the Met multiple times a year - as a New Yorker, someone who lives within a 200 mile radius of

Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers

I mentioned in my previous post that learning to ice skate was on my 2018 list. I have been taking lessons since January at the

New skills to learn

I may have mentioned before that I am a certified educator. I am certified to teach K-12 in CA and have a Masters from a

Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel in Quebec City

It's March but the snow keeps coming in New York. So what better time to discuss the Ice Hotel? The one I want to talk