Maison Kayser – A Parisian brunch in Manhattan

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Slowly, gradually, we are beginning to discover our new city and engage in activities most Manhattanites seem to do. We moved to the city from the Bay Area in June 2017, three days after my husband fell off an extension ladder and broke his left wrist. It’s a long story, for another post. I still think it’s a miracle we made it cross-country on the scheduled timetable. Since some family time in England, business trips in Singapore and Australia, and healing in between, today and yesterday was the first weekend we spent as a family of three, with the hand healing well. And so we decided to have brunch on a fine, sunny, Saturday morning. Thanks to Yelp, we ‘discovered’ a cute little cafe/restaurant called Maison Kayser, a short walk from our apartment.

As with most New York eateries, there was a positive energy as soon as we walked in. Bright recessed lights and white walls all around, we were swiftly seated around rectangular white marble tables framed in brass. Waiters were cutely attired in black and white striped shirts and berets. Coffee, orange juice, bread basket with butter and Bonne Maman jam, salmon and egg casserole with capers and sliced asparagus, toast topped with red onion, sweet sausage and scrambled egg, Eggs Benedict. A flurry of conversation everywhere. My eyes kept turning towards the perfectly coiffured old couple, most likely in their 70s. They were sitting next to each other, observing everyone else and chatting to each other. The lady was dressed to the nines, in her coral pink twin set and patent black heels. They seemed to savor every bite of their sliced bread and smoked salmon, amidst sips of coffee.

Satiated, we stepped out and stopped briefly in front of a board marketing this restaurant. I would definitely brunch at Maison Kayser again. Their tagline read: A bit of Paris in New York. C’est vrai!

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