To be or not to be…a programmer?

So I am currently working through some Web Development lectures on Udemy. In my previous life (about 17 years ago), I studied for and obtained a

Monica on the Move

Borough hopping via Pulaski Bridge

Pulaski bridge traverses Queens and Brooklyn, at Long Island City on the Queens side into Greenpoint on the Brooklyn side. It's a pretty walk going

Walks in the UES

After drop-off at school everyday, I've been walking and exploring. Beats driving to school every morning, hands down. It's so invigorating and I feel that

Getting into a routine

My daughter's in her second week of school and appears to be settling in very well. It seems that she has taken a lack of

Ramen in Queens – Mu Ramen

I just had a meal at Mu Ramen [gallery type="square" columns="2" size="medium" ids="220,221"] about 5 hours ago with friends who like to visit Anthony Bourdain's