City vs. suburban schools in NYC

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So, as a follow up to yesterday’s post, I am happy to report that my daughter had “an amazing day” (in her own words) at her new school in the city today. It was a tremendous relief to see her smiling face at pick-up.

This morning, I was full of trepidation for her. Friends surrounded each other, asking each other how they spent their summer. My daughter looked ahead, observing intently, but always with a smile.  I started to look around and compare/contrast our old suburban school with a Big Apple one (both public).

Truthfully, the elementary school in CA isn’t truly suburban – it’s in Silicon Valley, surrounded by young tech millionaires (them, not us!) and their money, snazzy cute downtowns and cute neighborhoods. Even so:

Suburban CA school: smaller school population, smaller class size, one teacher, big blacktop, cool play structures, lots of green space, more space in general, parking, laid back environment, no police officers or honking cars.

NYC school: larger school population, larger class size, multiple teachers, medium-sized blacktop, no play structure (under construction), no green space (apart from a very cool rooftop garden for learning only), cramped space, harried environment, security officers and cops, honking all around.

This is by no means a scientific analysis, just my two cents loosely comparing two elementary schools in CA and NY. At the end, my daughter was able to navigate these differences and have a successful day. And that’s all that matters.

What’s your opinion on schools in the city? Did you also take the reverse route like us and move from the suburbs to the city? Would love to hear about it!!!

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