Lady M cake

Crepe and cream at Lady M

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The first time I had a Lady M cake was when my brother arranged for a surprise delivery  for my birthday last weekend. He’s been a Londoner since 1997 but seems to be in sync with all the relevant eateries in NYC (lucky me :))!

The construction of this confection is very interesting – layers of the thinnest melt-in-your mouth crepe envelopes the freshest cream. Green tea, Earl Grey, Chocolate and Coconut are some of the choices – the website has an extensive menu.

Fresh cream is one of my major weaknesses. I mean MAJOR. I’ll buy single or double cream in England, or heavy whipping cream here in the US under the guise of adding it to dessert recipes or coffee. I’ll do that…and then, I’ll take a spoon and treat myself to a couple (ok, maybe more) of spoonfuls  and revel in it. I might have, on occasion, squirted Ready Whip into my mouth. Ok, enough oversharing and digressing.

Now just imagine a slightly more elegant setting and a crispy superfine pastry, subtly flavored with sweetness. A crunch, then a voluptuous dollop of soft fresh cream. I loved it and had a second slice. Then another slightly thinner sliver. It is heavenly but I think it’s best enjoyed in smaller portions. I did feel a little overstuffed and very guilty for the rest of the day.There’s about three slices left in the fridge, one for each of us. I look forward to having my share with coffee tomorrow morning :).

Have you visited Lady M? What’s your take on it?

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