Ramen in Queens – Mu Ramen

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I just had a meal at Mu Ramen

about 5 hours ago with friends who like to visit Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations. We drove from the Upper East Side and it was an easy ride to Queens. Not too hard to get parking on surrounding streets on a Sunday.  Its frontage is very discreet and we missed it the first time we walked up the road.

The highlight for us were the appetizers: we had the clams and the scallion pancakes with a trout pate (Okonomiyaki). The clams came in a hearty and well-seasoned broth with multiple flavors including garlic and wine. The pancakes were delicious and reminded me of a well-seasoned latke, with a delicious smoked fish pate.

The actual ramen dishes left me feeling underwhelmed. I ordered the spicy miso – it was not very spicy and needed salt badly. I don’t like to waste food and usually always finish my dishes but I struggled to enjoy and finish this one. I also tried my daughter’s choice of Tonkotsu, which I thought was better, but not outstanding.

All dishes were well presented, and the service was reasonably good. I loved the sake, but wished the food was more flavorful and impressive. Mu Ramen is in Long Island City and is near lots of other restaurants and bars that I’d like to try and share on this site with you. If you’ve visited, feel free to share your thoughts!


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