Getting into a routine

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My daughter’s in her second week of school and appears to be settling in very well. It seems that she has taken a lack of a huge outdoor space with extended play structures or a maker space, chaotic pick-up and drop-off routines, and a large class of 32 kids (mainly boys) completely in her stride, and I am SO grateful for it! Unlike the past 7 years where she has always attended after-school care/classes, she is reveling in the luxury of mummy picking her up at 2:35. Yours truly used to be a public school educator, and I’m currently thinking about where I will land next. More about that later. For now, hubby and kid are in a nice routine, and I am picking up on my walks, dropping her off at 8:15, walking a total of 40 blocks before I return, contemplating and acting on our never-ending to-do list. It is scary, after having worked in CA for a while, not to have anything right now. So I am grateful for my blog. The opportunities in NYC are endless and I am very much of a creative bent. Writing, teaching, cooking are what I love. But there are other interests I am courting. Again, more on that later.

I’ve never always been a teacher. I found myself in education after having meandered in science, computer technology and business. I guess I have traveled in distance and in career. What about you?

Something that I need to get better at and invest quality time is visiting similar blogs, listen to their voices and stories, and learn from them. I’ve just started to do that and there are so many amazing writers out there with terrific life experiences. And I am grateful to all of you who have visited my blog, liked posts and have started to follow! Thank you! I look forward to growing and developing my community of bloggers and interacting with you in meaningful ways!

From NYC, have a great rest of the day.

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