Walks in the UES

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After drop-off at school everyday, I’ve been walking and exploring. Beats driving to school every morning, hands down. It’s so invigorating and I feel that I’m ready to go! The daily goal is to

  • Drop-off at 8:10/8:15
  • After catching up with fellow mums and dads, walk from 8:20 to 8:50ish
  • Blog around 9 am

Some of the routes I’ve been taking are:

  • A walkway between 76th and 77th on 5th, which leads into Central Park. There are lots of benches a few seconds in and sometimes you might catch a swing quartet gently entertaining the oblivious masses. Walk down and you’ll pass the Conservatory Water, a good-sized pond where you can sail remote-controlled model boats. There’s a Le Pain Quotidien overlooking the water – haven’t tried it, but would love to grab a coffee and muffin here at some point.
  • 72nd and 5th is partially open to vehicular traffic, which makes it a great and scenic route to walk crosstown on. I walked the length of it to meet at Central Park West on the other side. The Upper West Side has a different kind of vibrancy which is very appealing too. From Central Park West, you can continue working on 72nd to Columbus and Broadway, where there are a plethora of stores, including grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, my favorite!
  • Walking from 78th and Lexington to 86th and Lexington: You’ve got the subway and zillions of small and big stores, ranging from watch repair stores and nail salons to Staples, H&M, Barnes and Noble, and of course, Fairway. Fairway seems to be everyone’s go-to grocery store. The prices are lower in comparison to other stores, but I don’t know, it hasn’t really spoken to me. But its closer than Trader Joe’s, so I’ll use it for basics like milk and bread. However, their fresh fish section does look good and I’ll need to investigate (love fish!). Don’t get me wrong – NYers love it and it seems to have everything you need, but in terms of style, decor, ambiance, I’m not sold. But most well-heeled NYers have probably never even stepped into a grocery store, thanks to citywide delivery services, so there isn’t really a need to make them aesthetically pleasing as stores in other countries. I refer specifically to British superstores such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and even Morrisons, who do a wonderful job of enticing shoppers to their stores. Just my experience and opinion here.
  • Walking up from 81st and Madison to 92nd and Madison, then walking east to Lexington and 92nd: This is the home of the mighty 92nd St Y – one of the UES community-building heavyweights, offering gazillion classes on everything for children and adults, afitness center and pool among other things. According to Wikipedia, they serve about 300K people annually at the Y.
  • Walking on 1st, 2nd and 3rd ave between 72th and 86th: Again, very busy, chock a block with eateries. I loved the vibe in this area, especially on Friday nights. Can’t wait to try all the different restaurants here.
  • 77th and 5th all the way to 58th, then east to Madison, and then up to 77th again. A nice walk past Central Park all the way past the Plaza Hotel, and then a luxury walk on Madison, surrounded by the likes of Bottega Veneto and Vacheron Constantin.
  • Walk through Central Park from 79th St all the way to 59th, and walk through Central Park Zoo on 66th. You might even catch a glimpse of the sea lions prancing about as you walk by on the outside of the zoo.

What better way to see, feel, and understand New York?

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