To be or not to be…a programmer?

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So I am currently working through some Web Development lectures on Udemy. In my previous life (about 17 years ago), I studied for and obtained a Masters in Computing Science in London. I did ok, but I think my motivation for doing it was all wrong. What I really wanted to do was to stay in London, attend my beloved university again, and party. 17 years on, I am finally a bit more mature (allegedly) and have decided to give this computing thing another go.

I should probably mention that between 2003 and June 2017, I delved into the world of education and became a certified teacher (CA and UK). Most recently, I loved my job of 4 years in CA teaching English Language Learners, or ELLs. But I just moved to NY, and guess what – my certification or my MA at Stanford doesn’t mean anything here! So while I grapple with the complicated process of getting my out-of-state credentials recognized in NYC, I’ve decided to sharpen and add to my skill set.

For those of you who are not familiar with Udemy. it offers a course on practically anything for almost anyone. There are free courses and superstar expensive courses, though you can get a great deal on the latter if you keep looking and visit udemy often. I did dabble in technology many moons ago but didn’t really put my heart and soul in it. Here, as I try to discover new passions in a new city, I’d thought I’d give web programming a more heartfelt and serious try. So far, so good. I’ve done HTML 5, now moving on to CSS. But as any developer will tell you, it’s not just about completing a pretty set of lectures. It’s about digging your brain cells in and getting your fingers dirty – practice, practice, practice. There are a zillion programmers and another zillion wannabes out there. Getting good at programming is not easy, but not impossible.

I came across this article which I enjoyed and identified, and thought I’d share:

Let me know what you think.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve decided to make a switch or just try out a new skill.



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