The art of shopping at IKEA in NYC.

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We got rid of most of our furniture in CA – too big, too bulky, not trendy enough. So we headed to IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Two exhausting hours later, all we bought were hot dogs and frozen yogurt. I kid you not, people! Truthfully, we made mental notes of what we wanted/needed and decided to order online.

The order for items such as a TV unit, office table, and nightstands, went in smoothly. We did our due diligence: contacted the delivery company and got a certificate of insurance. On the day of the delivery, I went to tell our doorman that our delivery window was between 2-6. “No – we can only accept deliveries between 9-4” came back the response. What??

In spite of making some frantic phone calls to IKEA and pleading with our super, it was not meant to be :(. IKEA came at 5 pm but could not deliver. Another lesson learned about the land of draconian rules in doorman-buildings!

This story has a happy ending – IKEA arranged for a second delivery, this time with our window being between 9-3. Sweet! Everything was delivered last Friday. Hubby’s on a business trip and still recovering from his broken wrist, so progress has been slow. But it’s coming together. No more staring at the TV on the floor at weird angles. Hope to share pictures of the completed apartment soon! Meanwhile, it’s all good.

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