MOMA and Fashion (Oct 1 2017-Jan 28, 2018)

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Thanks to a friend, I was able to preview an exhibition called ‘Is Fashion Modern’, which opens to all later this week at MOMA. I am by no means a fashion-fiend, but will gladly flick through magazines or glance at fashionistas on the street to gauge the latest trends. This, though, is an exhibition with a difference.

To me, it is about the objects, and not so much the designers. There are 111 iconic cross-cultural original items on display. Not all of these items are clothing; there’s Christian Louboutins and clunky metal Sony Walkmans, ca 1979. But each of these items has been hugely influential on our society or vice versa. Some of them have evolved to reflect changing needs and desires, while others revel in their classical design (such as the simple Chanel No 5 bottle) and demand respect.

The lighting and track list enhance the experience – the latter often from soundbites of designers’ interviews or  topical social commentary. There are strategically-positioned TV screens displaying relevant content ranging from how to wear a sari to how the classic Burberry coat captured people’s imagination.

If you’re in town, visit MOMA and this fabulous exhibition. This one’s not to be missed.

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