Doob window

Mini-me? Meet Doob, a 3D-printer focused on you!

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It’s such a cliche, but NYC never ceases to amaze. I was on of my walks this morning, southbound in Central Park, when I walked through Central Park Zoo and turned left. I decided to walk westbound towards Lexington on 64th and then walk along the length of Lexington towards the Upper East. I was about to be Doob-ed!

It was just after 9 and people of all walks of life, races, and mental states were walking to their destinations. The aroma of coffee and freshly-lit cigarettes punctuated the morning rush breeze. I stopped in front of this storefront window with what looked like trendy and contemporary figurines. A closer look later, I realized they were supposedly 3D-printed replicas of people like you and me. Yes, it’s a thing now. They were really detailed and eerily accurate. There were lone rangers, loving couples of all genders, and cute families. The business was called Doob. Wow.

It’s actually a really neat (and profitable idea). You turn up in person, get into a room with 50+ cameras, and voila – a few weeks after, pick up a mini-me. Like social media, the business idea is appealing to our egos and making the most of it. Or is it just about ego? Perhaps someone would actually feel comforted by being able to touch and hug a little life-like and deceased loved one, even if it’s pint-sized? At about $395 a pop for a Barbie-sized figurine, these ‘dolls’ are not cheap. But maybe you think it’s money well-spent. It’s something I would definitely consider if I had disposable cash lying around. Wouldn’t it make for great dinner party conversation – “That piece of pottery’s from Greece, and er, this is us,Doob figures in 3D!”, pointing to your coveted possessions in your living room.

What do you think – an exercise in vanity, or a valuable keepsake for your family?

This business is called Doob, and has locations in NYC, SF, and LA. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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