Halloween Shopping in NYC

Halloween shopping in NYC

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New York Costumes is the place to go for Halloween shopping in NYC. It’s in Union Square and quite possibly the most comprehensive Halloween shopping experience in the Western hemisphere. According to its website, it is New York’s biggest year-round costume store. And it feels like it. And it’s not just for Halloween. They seem to have any theme to cater to any taste, genre, time-period, you name it, they have it. In my brief time there, I was able to spot Pennywise and various ‘IT’erations (get it?), Cleopatra and other prominent Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, British period costumes, the entire Harry Potter franchise (of course), 60s, 70s and other decades, Al Capone, ,movie characters, millions of props and accessories…I could go on forever.

We stumbled upon it by accident as were visiting Union Square for a birthday party. Once you’re in, you’re greeted by a lot of gory and creepy statuettes/props, representative of Halloween. It’s quite dark inside but packed to the brim with customers, attendants, and stuff. Literally, if you don’t look at the ceiling and high walls, you will be missing out on most of the items available. The store was really well-attended with lots of employees with walkie-talkies. Snippets of conversation included “Do we have anything for Lucius Malfoy?” to “Somebody’s lost a kid, can you check your side?” It makes sense to have them since (1) the store is BIG and it’s likely impossible to find exactly what you need for Halloween without help and (2) with all the accessories within an arm’s length, it could be heaven for a shoplifter or two.

I’ll repeat – it’s a humungous store. I felt as if I was walking deeper and deeper into the clutches of a dark, tempting hell, when at one point, I just wanted to turn back – it felt a little claustrophobic. It would be nice to visit again, with a clearer purpose and at a better/earlier time (Sunday afternoon is probably not the best). According to the website, it is as long as an entire city block. It feels exactly like that. I left without purchasing but with a desire to visit again and make some decisions!

If like me you have procrastinated and have no idea what to be, head over to New York Costumes for your Halloween shopping in NYC and stay there awhile. They have a basement floor which sadly I didn’t have time to visit. Have you been? Are you a fan or do you hate it? Let me know here!

Halloween Shopping in NYC

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