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Positive news

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Everyday, we automatically visit the same old news sites on our mobile devices, reading about the same old same old – terrorist attacks, impending war, refugees in dire straits, home invasions, people struck by a subway train. We have become desensitized to bad news and expect it as a norm. Such negativity drains us of any ounce of positive energy we might have had. Yet we repeat the same behaviors, and get drawn into a world of sordid news stories. Positive news stories become a footnote in the websites we visit or an anecdote we hear in passing.

Where is all the positive news reporting? Why don’t we hear or see more positive news in the major newspapers? Why does the evening news on virtually every network report doom and gloom first and for the longest snippets of time? Granted, we all need to be aware of what is happening in our world. But we need something happy, something upbeat too. And this is where this positive news website comes in.

It’s called the Good News Network, which I found by accident this morning, a happy accident no less. Between walking on Lexington Avenue on this cold and wet morning surrounded by people with grim expressions and painful sinuses, and catching a number of depressing headlines on CNN, I really needed some positive news. Good News Network provides short, snappy and happy news articles from around the world. I found articles on a grandfather who provides professional cuddling to preemie babies in intensive care, to an industrial designer who redesigned MRI machines and rooms to make them more child-friendly. I immediately felt more upbeat and encouraged as I read these articles and have decided to give myself a personal challenge.

My personal challenge

For 1 week, I will read NOTHING but positive news online. I will immerse myself in positivity and completely ignore news about war, terror, assault, etc. I will report back on Monday about how I feel after ditching journalistic negativity and will only share positive news items on my FB feed.

How about you? Have you done it already, given up reading the usual news we get bombarded with? Have you been reading the Good News Network?  Do you believe in the power of positive news? Let me know! Also, if you hear of other positive news outlets, please share them with me.

Here’s to starting the new week with nothing but honest positivity!

2 thoughts on “Positive news”

  1. I’m a news journalist and I believe that reporting some of the bad things, making people aware it is happening, can lead to good news. I agree it’s increasingly difficult to find positive news, with everything that’s going on. Doesn’t mean we won’t stop trying though! Good luck with your challenge.

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