Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue holiday shopping

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Bling, Bling, Bling! Regardless of whether you have the budget to shop there, Saks Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th St on 5th Ave is resplendent during the holiday season, glittering like a box of jewels, and a worthy destination for window browsing.

Saks Fifth Avenue Window
Window at Saks

Things to do near Saks Fifth Avenue

That particular location is teeming with places to visit: The magnificent St. Patrick’s Cathedral next door (please go inside and be amazed at its grandeur and stain-glassed windows), MOMA, and Rockefeller Plaza are just some of the high profile destinations here. This year, Saks Fifth Avenue has gone with the ‘Snow White’ theme for its windows – a beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale has been presented in high quality imagery and models. Together with that, its building front on Fifth is festooned with fantastic lighting in the shape of a fairy castle. At regular short intervals, there is a stunning lighting show which holds a captive audience, coordinated to holiday music and the constant honking of frustrated drivers.

Inside Saks

Saks Fifth Avenue purse
Saks Fifth Avenue purse

This year, we decided to go inside Saks Fifth Avenue, and it was really jaw-dropping. In spite of bumping into a million people, the lighting and holiday decoration inside the store is gorgeous and kept me focused – white and silver mock Christmas tree branches are adorned with beautiful white lights on the ceilings. The bling inside almost made me squint, though it might also have been the hefty price tags. There is a Holiday Shop on the 2nd floor, which is a good place to shop for NYC- specific candy/gifts that are slightly more wallet-friendly.

I also walked past a particular section of very blingy and very Saks Fifth Avenue purses. One small evening purse was shaped like a bejeweled bag of fries. Another was a glittering ice cream cone and a darling puppy.

If you are tired of Times Square and are looking for something more stylish  – head to 50th and 5th. Walk in and around Saks Fifth Avenue, St, Patrick’s Cathedral, up to Bergdorf Goodman, past Plaza Hotel, and finally, find a bench to relax in Central Park and take it all in. Enjoy!

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