Fortnum and Mason biscuits

Fortnum and Mason biscuits

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It’s 21 degrees F outside on a sunny morning in New York and I am enjoying a Fortnum and Mason biscuit with my freshly-made cup of coffee. I just returned from Columbia University at 116 St and the wind had the snarliest bite. All I could fantasize about was a hot cup of something and those decadent ginger and chilli biscuits.  Let me explain.

Fortnum and Mason is a grand department store, established in 1707 on Piccadilly, London. Step into it now, and you’re whisked off to a decadent Russian-ballroom like interior, where you see red, velvet and gold in your peripheral vision, and the most beautifully packaged wonders all around you. One of my favorite (and less pricey) items from this store are the Fortnum and Mason biscuits.

Fortnum and Mason biscuits – Ginger and Chilli

Fortnum and Mason biscuits
Fortnum and Mason biscuits

The specific Fortnum and Mason biscuit variety I want to talk about is the Lucifer  – Ginger and Chilli Biscuits. They come in a sturdy and attractively designed metal cylindrical tin which is about 15 inches tall, and has about 20 biscuits/cookies. The coloring of the container reflects the heat of ginger and chilli and fire emanating from Lucifer, the devil. The tagline is alliterative and catchy : ‘Devilishly Deceptive‘. I love how F & M have used the English language adeptly and beautifully to entice customers (as also shown on the Feature Image).

Since I flew to London and Yorkshire on a whirlwind visit last week (5 days) to surprise family and have some pre-Christmas fun, I made a hasty stop to pick up this eternal favorite of mine. No winter is complete without these stunning biscuits, in my opinion.

The Taste

At first glance, it looks like a small butter cookie. But that’s deceptive, as the tagline suggests. Take a bite. It tastes a lot like Walker’s Shortbread biscuits (you know, the ones with the tartan packaging). That’s where the similarity ends. Give it a few seconds and let the chilli kick in. It kicks the roof of your mouth in the most unexpected way. Then you find yourself chewing on some small pieces of ginger, which are sweet and spicy at the same time. The rich butter in the biscuit then acts as a buffer, providing relief between the flavorsome kicks. These small but elegant cookies definitely pack a punch, and every bite tells you that you’re eating a high quality product.


Fortnum and Mason biscuits and other products

Apart from ginger and chilli, there are other delicious flavors available, such as Stem Ginger, Lemon Curd, Rose, and Violet. For reference, Fortnum and Mason biscuits and other products are available at Williams and Sonoma and at most international departure lounges at all Heathrow Airport Terminals.

I tried mine with hot coffee. I think it will complement a Chai Latte of Masala Chai really well too. This 21 degree morning is a lot more bearable now. What’s your poison for an equally cold day? Have you had Fortnum and Mason biscuits before? What’s your take on them?

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