Gray's Papaya

Gray’s Papaya

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If you’re looking for good quality fast food on a cold frigid day and you happen to be in NYC, Gray’s Papaya is your answer!

I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t tried Gray’s Papaya dogs until last week! I knew they were a city institution but somehow a visit never happened…until every extremity of mine froze the other day and I was famished to boot. It was right there, across the street on 72nd and Broadway, beckoning me with its bright and sunny colors. Regardless of the fact that I had multiple grocery bags from Trader Joe’s, I decided to cross the street and enter this hallowed establishment!

Gray's Papaya
Gray’s Papaya


The lowdown on Gray’s Papaya

Packed to the brim with both locals, and tourists who were reading bout it on Yelp as they lined up, I was encouraged by the delightful aromas and fast service.  The interior is basic but brightly colored with assorted posters and hanging paper fruit. It was inviting enough for the price point imho. The deal board said ‘2 dogs + drink = $6.45.” Count me in anytime!

The dogs come with free sauerkraut and onions. The drink choices are very enticing: choices include coconut champagne (sadly, non-alcoholic), pina colada, and of course, papaya.

Another important fact: It’s open 24 hours! What could be better than satiating those late-night taste buds with tasty dogs and exotic juices? Or perhaps you want to catch a quick and easy lunch en route to your grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s? Maybe you’re hard at work pounding the keyboard at a nearby cafe, and are feeling a bit peckish? Or simply, you just want a delicious dog in NYC. Look not further than Gray’s Papaya.

Oddly enough, their website isn’t great – but here it is anyway!

Are you a recent Gray’s Papaya convert like me, or a seasoned and loyal patron? Do you love it, or has it seen better days? Drop me a line with your opinions!




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