Happy New Year

Happy New Year – I’m still here!

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Happy New Year!

Health scares and cross-country moves aside, I am only interested in looking forward. I hope you are too.

We spent a mellow (and warm) New Year’s Eve indoors. I have NO idea how all those people braved the insane temperatures out in Times Square, but kudos to them. I was perfectly happy spending it with my family, chomping down canapés and drinking pink champagne.

We decided to take a little drive on New Year’s Day, and given the cold and mass exodus of people from the city, the streets were pleasantly drivable, My cover picture shows a lovely sunset view of Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, driving in from Brooklyn.

Happy New Year
Times Square Jan 1, 2018.

It was also cool to get really up, close and personal to the dropped crystal ball in Times Square the next day in the warmth of our car. Maybe one day, I’ll hang out there in person the night before. But champagne and heat vs. standing in subzero temps for hours…which would you pick?

I want to wish each and everyone of you a HEALTHY 2018. Nothing is more important than being here, in the present, with a healthy body and mind, wherever you are in the world. May the Force be with you.


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