President's Day

Happy President’s Day

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Few of us lucky ones have today off for President’s Day. As an educator, I’ve always had the day off, so I’ve been fortunate enough to spend quality time with my daughter. Sometimes my husband was able to take it off, so the three of us would either go to a movie, or spend the day tram-hopping and exploring in San Francisco. Or pack a picnic and play frisbee on the Oval at Stanford University.

Perhaps you work for the government. Perhaps you’re a teacher, a librarian, or work at a bank. Enjoy President’s Day, in little ways as much as you can. Maybe the weather is beautiful where you are. Are you taking a stroll or a full-blown hike? Perhaps it’s cold but sunny and lovely. Are you heading off to an ice rink to let the cool air caress your face as you glide along? Maybe just switching the alarm off and sleeping in is a luxury you’ve been dying to indulge in. Perhaps you’re in Washington D.C today, or have visited in the past during this holiday. What’s it like during this holiday? Maybe you’re attending a talk at an university somewhere to improve educational policy, or in the light of recent events, discussing the issues of gun control in our society.

Or maybe you don’t get President’s Day off and are at work, wishing you took a sickie and was watching a Netflix marathon instead. What else would you rather be doing today on President’s Day?



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