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I may have mentioned before that I am a certified educator. I am certified to teach K-12 in CA and have a Masters from a prestigious university, but even with so-called state reciprocity, watching paint dry is proving to be a far more efficient endeavor than getting my paperwork approved in New York. Time to learn and prioritize some new skills!

Everything happens for a reason, and this has given me time to blog and pursue other endeavors. But when I say pursue, I am not really putting my heart into it. I just read a blog article which talks about how it’s harder to pursue goals when they’re not measurable. For example, if Goal A is to be able to do 100 sit-ups in 3 months, and Goal B is to be a writer  – chances are that Goal A will be easier to achieve. A more objective version of Goal B would be to write, revise, and submit 4 short stories under 1000 words within 3 months. Not hard at all, eh?

I love, love, love to teach, but I equally hate internal politics, dealing with redundant systems, and tenured teachers with fixed mindsets. So perhaps this delay with my public school credential is a blessing in disguise? Maybe teach private or charter? But the long hours in the latter (I am not afraid of hard work, but my personal situation will make long hours untenable) and the lack of working with challenging and disadvantaged populations in private settings is not motivating. So…perhaps, teaching online/creating a set of online lectures and publishing them to an online platform?

So teaching, blogging, coding, and writing – I’ve narrowed it down to this list thus far.  The challenge is in creating a MEASURABLE set of goals. Here it goes:

New skills and goals ( by end of 2018):

  1. Code an iOS app and upload to the App Store
  2. Blog about my new skills and improve its SEO to rank on Google
  3. Create a mini set of lectures on English Grammar for kids and upload to an online learning platform
  4. Submit one short story online to at least one writing contest
  5. Learn to ice skate (yes, that too!)
  6. Lose 5 lbs (hopefully No. 5 will work towards that!)

What do you think? Over-ambitious? Unrealistic? Achievable? From now on, I’ll blog about the journey or ‘my move’ towards these lofty goals. To feel like I’ve accomplished something, I know I need to break down the above into smaller achievable goals. Chip in with your comments and advice – would love to hear from you!

Speaking of writing, I really wanted to share this short online story I came across while reading – hilarious and punchy! Hope you enjoy as well!


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