Botanic Garden in Brooklyn

The Botanic Garden in Brooklyn should be a ‘must-do’ on everyone’s list, if you have more than a couple of days in the city. Especially in Spring. The cherry blossoms are in full swing and if you can, go NOW.

Better yet, it’s free on Friday mornings between 8 am-noon. What better way to spend a mild Spring morning than meandering through natural technicolor and getting fully oxygenated in the process?

Essential info

Entry to the Botanic Garden is $15 for adults and free for children under 12. It’s easy to get to on the 2 train to¬†Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum Station. There’s much, much more than cherry blossoms too. Tulips of possibly every color under the sun were in vivid display last weekend (May 5, 2018), and it was as if I was transported to the fields of Keukenhof in Holland.

Botanic Garden
Tulips by the conservatory

A comprehensive conservatory is neatly divided into areas highlighting Bonsai, aquatic plants, and desert plants. As a neat freak who likes to classify things, this made me very, very happy :).

I also love the way the whole¬†Botanic Garden is organized into areas such as the Discovery Garden (where you can touch the plants and kids can explore), a fragrance garden, Shakespeare’s Garden and more. In particular, I loved the Shakespeare Garden – Shakespearean plants on display get a special mention with all the play’s details. Pretty neat.

The working vegetable section of the Botanic Garden took me back to my gardening days in California – there were cabbages, cauliflowers, beet, corn, and so much more.

Food at the Botanic Garden

Finally, they do not allow outside food, so plan to eat at either the onsite canteen or the sit-down Yellow Magnolia Cafe. There is also a hot-dog stand outside, so retain your ticket if you want to step out for that. I highly recommend that you reserve a table at the Yellow Magnolia if you can – we didn’t and had to wait 1.5 hours. However, time did fly by as we walked around and sat on multiple benches, admiring everything around us. The food at the cafe is well worth the wait. Polenta fries, a Korean twist on steak and eggs, and a luscious brownie coupled with a strong IPA hit the spot during lunch!

Let me know if you plan to visit or have visited before. Have you visited during a different season maybe? What’s it like then?

Botanic Garden
Cherry Blossoms

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