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In a earlier post, I mentioned that I wanted to code an app. I’m still on the coding journey, but have put iOS on hold and am working with Javascript lately, forming a very passionate love-hate relationship in the process.  Since getting a membership at the Met, it’s been wonderful grabbing a coffee and writing code.  Any setting will do, to be honest, as long as it works for you. Personally, being surrounded by medieval and priceless artifacts is a welcome bonus :).

First off, why code? Lame reasons – everyone else is learning it, mushrooming bootcamps prove that it’s a hot skill, we’re all heading towards a 100% tech-friendly existence, and it pays well. Well, maybe the last one isn’t so bad, but also, I like a challenge.

Can anyone code?

Yes, Yes, Yes. But it won’t be an overnight thing. It’s a combination of wanting to do it AND HARD WORK. And not many people say this, but it’s OKAY to be frustrated, okay to not get it even after a gazillion tries. You’ll get it on the gazillion++ try (a little inside joke, ‘something ++’ means increment by one in most programming languages).

Yes, I’ve hated it. In fact, I told my husband two days ago that it’s not for me. Then last night, I had a mini-revelation. After trying a number of different things for 24 hours which included Googling for ages, I was able to code something. And that my friends, is a lovely feeling.

Keep at it. Here are some great ways to explore if you want to learn to code (for FREE):

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a professional programmer dreaming in vivid HTML. But I’d like to, so I’ve made a start. I like doing online courses, and I’ll see where it takes me. What about you? Have you started a similar journey?


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