Maple Syrup awesomeness

If you love maple syrup…

I recently visited Québec City for the first time and was extremely impressed with it! Fabulous food, an ice hotel, and of course, maple syrup. Maple syrup-themed gifts have got to be one of those cheesiest things we’re all guilty of buying, on the way back home from Canada. But I want to share a tip about where you can get delicious, stylish, and authentic products based around this delectable sap, in Québec City.

Québec City, in my opinion, is very underrated. Just an hour’s flight or an eight-hour fun road trip from New York City, it’s a destination steeped in culture, history, and fantastic food. In the heart of the city lies Rue Saint Jean, a very French street, where you would be forgiven if you forgot that you were in North America, and not mainland Europe. Délices Érable & Cie is a beautiful store on Rue Saint Jean, selling all things maple.

As soon as you walk in, there’s a gelato counter on the right selling maple-cranberry and maple-nutella gelato amongst other fabulous concoctions. Then there’s maple rubs for poultry, creamy maple butter for your morning croissant, and much much more. The friendly staff approached us and mentioned that we could taste anything in the store. One of them also asked if we wanted to try a maple-based salad dressing he had created. I must stress that all products are packaged beautifully and make stunning gifts. They’re not horrendously expensive either. There is a small seating area at the back where you can enjoy your newly procured sweets. Oh.. did I mention there’s a mini museum dedicated to Maple Syrup upstairs?


Maple Syrup goodies in Quebec City

So don’t fall for the tourist-trap maple-syrup products at the airport anymore. Plan ahead, and bring back gifts to impress, the next time you’re in QC!

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