Met Museum membership

If you plan to visit the Met multiple times a year – as a New Yorker, someone who lives within a 200 mile radius of the city, or even as a tourist, and LOVE museums, the Met Museum Membership might be exactly what you need. ┬áHere’s why.

Cost and Benefits of membership at the Met

  1. The annual membership for the Basic level at the Met is $100 ($80 for those who live within a 200 mile radius). Considering each ticket for those living outside of New York is now $25, you’ll make it up in 4 visits.
  2. If you have a family, it’s a great deal as the membership will cover at least one additional adult and children under 18.
  3. New Yorkers can still pay a suggested donation. But there are additional benefits to the membership (FULL LIST HERE).
    • As mentioned, members paying $100 can have a second adult go free and as well as children under 18.
    • There’s a 10% discount at one of the dining options (The Dining Room) and at the Met store.
  4. You can go as many times as you want and not have to worry about admission price!

We’re renting very close to the Met, so given my love of museums and my daughter’s fascination with all things Egypt, the membership made complete sense. I got it last week and on Tuesday, March 20th, and armed with my laptop, I climbed the majestic steps of the Met. It was absolutely thrilling and humbling to be able to sit down with a coffee (basic coffee is only $3.25) at the Great Hall Balcony and work while looking at 6th century Chinese pottery. I am definitely planning to work there at least once a week and expect to be on first-name basis with the baristas soon. What a priceless experience!

The Met

Again, check this link for more details on the Met and how you can join. It won’t make sense to be a member if you’ll only be an occasional visitor, but as I said – if you do plan to be in the city longer and want to visit multiple times or will visit with your family/additional people, it’s a great deal! Check it out and leave a comment if you agree/disagree.


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