Nutella Bar

Eataly in the Flatiron District is a one-stop Italian eatery/grocery/bakery/fishmonger/butcher etc etc – and then some. Nutella Bar within Italy is the place to go if you are craving a quick fix of hazelnut and chocolate in your coffee, crepe, ice cream, or all of the above. And then some.¬†Its long lines can be frustrating, but the Nutella Bar does provide a perfect pit stop for those exploring the wonders of the area. We went for a blueberry crepe and a simple Hudson Valley Milk ice cream cup, both topped with generous amounts of Nutella. Awesomesauce!!!I just wish that it was located in a better position within the Eataly mansion. It’s too close to an entry/exit door, plus there isn’t enough seating. Maybe that’s just a cold-weather issue. As Spring approaches, hungry revelers can take their Nutella-rich pancakes and coffee¬†out to Madison Square Park a minute away, and soak in the sunshine, coated in hazelnut-flavored dreams.

Have you been to the Nutella Bar? What’s your impression?


Nutella Bar
A Nutella Bar crepe.

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