NYC Broadway Week Jan 16 – Feb 4!

There’s still time! NYC Broadway Week is going on right now. I’m still learning about this vibrant city as I’m going along and boy, am I learning!

Thank god for bus stops and random billboards. Tip: If you’re in NYC or any city for that matter, pay attention to billboards and ads – yes, the old-fashioned way. They’ll alert you to happenings around town long before you remember to Google them.

So that’s how I learned about NYC Broadway Week. The feature image shows a quick snap taken at 79th St and Broadway at a bus stop. Google it or go to the website shown on the image. Most of the popular shows are selling out but there’s still good offers to be nabbed, if you have older kids or are traveling alone/with other adults and can split up.

NYC Broadway week wraps up on Feb 4, 2018 !!┬áLet me know if you’ve used this offer before, using it this week, or are planning to!

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