Sam Ash NYC – Music in Manhattan

If you’re even slightly musical, Sam Ash on 34th between 8th and 9th Ave is a treasure trove not to be missed. My daughter’s music teacher recommended I buy a piece of music from there, and that’s how I stumbled upon this keeper!

As the feature image shows, Sam Ash caters to it all – instruments, music lessons, DJing equipment, song sheets, an in-house instrument repair shop, vinyl, missing pieces for instruments, etc. etc. I took the C train from Uptown, which took me to Penn Station, and then it was a short walk after coming out of the 34th and 8th NW exit.

Sam Ash
Inside Sam Ash.

I will go back to browse properly, since I was only here to get a specific piece of music. The salesmen and women were all very pleasant and judging from their phone chats, experts in all things music. The store was buzzing with sweet sounds and positive vibes.

After getting what I wanted and spending time admiring a beautiful set of accordions, I walked out of Sam Ash to this marvelous view. The slight cloudy haze made the silhouette of the Empire State Building all the more enigmatic. All that was missing was the haunting sound of a saxophone.

Sam Ash
The Empire State Building from Sam Ash.



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