Valentine’s Ideas

So I just got back with a $12.90 bunch of beautifully fragrant pink roses from Trader Joe’s. Right down the street on Broadway in New York City, were several pop-up florists, selling Valentine’s Day roses for $40 a dozen. So is this a day of love, or a day of commercial debauchery?

Valentine’s Day should only break the bank when you’re young, scrawny, bursting with hormones, and probably in love. Yes, I’ve been there. But now older and wiser, I like to spend the day hugging and kissing my family, getting or making unique cards, and creating yummy home-made meals coupled with a glass of wine and love. (Surely you don’t think going to the restaurant on Valentine’s Day is a romantic idea?). Spending copious amounts of hard-earned dough on a subpar meal in a contrived setting, with awkward sugar daddies and their temporary trophies making googly eyes is NOT my idea of a lovely night.

Don’t get me wrong – I may sound cynical, but I’m more about the sweet and genuine when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Or any day for that matter. Like Thanksgiving and other holidays where retailers make big bucks, I think every day in our lives should be about gratefulness and love. Don’t you?

Tonight, I’m hoping to make a one-pot dish with sausage and lentils with a dash of parsley and red wine. My second entree is going to be an Argentinian wild prawn pasta sauce with pasta and arugula. Looking forward to sharing them with you tomorrow.

Till then, have a wonderful day, and remember – the little things which show your love for someone are what Valentine’s Day should be all about.

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