Watergate Hotel – a trendy yet family-friendly gem

With all the personal upheaval in our lives in December 2017, we didn’t really feel like traveling anywhere. However, a change of scenery was very necessary. Luckily, there are lots of places within drivable distance of NYC. We went on to Expedia and were all set for a few nights’ stay at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.

While I was well aware of the Watergate scandal, I wasn’t aware of the Watergate Hotel. After undergoing a massive renovation, it had reopened its doors in style to the public in 2016. This hotel is unbelievably chic and well-hidden within a block of apartments. The entryway is stunning as is the lobby. They’ve got these cool ‘igloos’ which I believe you can book in advance and have a cozy and warm drinking party with pals. Or if you’re just traveling with a special someone, go ahead and try it. Right next to it and inside is the Next Whisky Bar. Beautiful red upholstered seats are flattered by a wall created by thousands of illuminated bottles. The menus posted online look extensive and yummy! Because we traveled as a family, we didn’t really have time to try the bar or the igloos. But if you do, let me know about your experience!

The Rooms

Watergate Hotel room
Double Deluxe with Balcony at the Watergate Hotel

Our room had two full beds and an inviting balcony. It was beautifully made up and the beds were ultra comfortable. The Watergate Hotel definitely paid attention to detail. I had noted that we were traveling during my husband’s birthday. Sure enough, there was a congratulatory card and scrumptious cake in the room. The bathroom was huge (especially, coming from NYC), and everything was high-end.

The Spa

Watergate Hotel pool
Pool at the Watergate Hotel
Watergate Hotel
Hot tub at the Watergate Hotel

Wow. Unless it’s specifically a beach resort hotel, I wouldn’t really think about dipping into a hotel pool. The Watergate Hotel spa is almost a destination in itself. It boasts a stylish and clean pool, hot tub, and sauna. The changing rooms have steam rooms. The towels are plentiful and luxurious. We spent 3 out of our 5 days stay at the spa :). Actually, it was great to pretend we were at a resort somewhere hot while it was about 15F outside in reality. The pictures say it all.

Summary of the Watergate Hotel

I did actually post a review on TripAdvisor about our stay, which includes specifics on our breakfast experience, so I won’t repeat it here. In short, the food was great, but you want to be careful about the type of package you go for, just so you’re clear. In sum, an incredibly chic hotel with stunning views of the Potomac and close to major historic sites. Pricey, but look out for great deals online during off-peak times. The spa is to die for and well worth the stay. Oh, and did I mention there’s a rooftop skating rink and bar?

Can you recommend some other great hotels in Washington D.C.? What’s your experience been like?

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