Whitney Museum of Art

Memorial Day weekend came and went. Hope my readers in the US had an interesting and restful long weekend. To summarize mine, it included an extended picnic and scootering day in Central Park, an equally extended session of late Spring cleaning, a spontaneous road trip to Greenwich, Connecticut, and a first time visit to the Whitney Museum of Art.

Whitney – Location and other points of interest

Located in the Meatpacking district, it’s easy to get to via Subway and/or car. Its setting is right by the High Line and brunch favorites like Bubby’s. You could combine a walk on the High Line and a visit to Whitney and brunch in whatever order you prefer. Also, the setting on the Hudson means that the views from inside the Whitney looking out to the Westside Highway and the river are pretty cool.


Artwork at the Whitney

The building is very modern and the galleries are vertically arranged. It’s best to take the elevator to the highest floor and then work your way down via the stairs. The focus of art at Whitney is modern American. The main exhibition on currently looks at works by Grant Wood, but there are also some other interesting works which include looking at photographs of the same objects but seen through variations of lenses, photographers, time, weather, etc. Also, a particular exhibit I liked was that of random blue suitcases being added to a collection for every year the artist has been alive. Other members of my family were not as impressed!

whitney 2
Grant Wood’s American Gothic at the Whitney

Whitney or the Guggenheim?

I’m not entirely sure why I chose to compare these two museums together – it might not be an apples to apples comparison at all. However, if you have limited time, I would probably veer towards Whitney. Everyone goes to the Guggenheim – it’s better known and well situated on 5th Avenue. For a more American art experience in a location that gives you access to grittier parts of Manhattan with a riparian setting :), I think the Whitney is a better choice. I wasn’t 100% on the art, but the setting and the High Line made up for it.

Have you been to the Whitney? What’s your take on it?

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